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Coppini ; During the past years, building our relationships with Customers, Suppliers, Consumers and even Competitors, weve always been very proud of the consideration everyone s had and keeps on having in us and in our job. Each good word which was used for us gave us strength and renewed passion and pride to keep on doing what we were doing, how we were doing it.

Coppini Company Information:
Strada di Recentino, 80
Terni 5100 Italy
Ph (39) 0744.813778
Fax (39) 0744.814375

Coppini History:
"On June 13th, 1955 Mr Giuseppe Coppini opened the first oil company. He loved his job, but foremost he loved working hard in order to master the blending of the oils to obtain an excellent olive oil. Those were the times in which a good oil maker was recognized from his ability to make a high quality Olive oil, not an extra virgin olive oil, as it is nowadays. In fact, it was in the careful blending work that the maker mastery could be seen. "